Jared Maxwell

Pixel Editor

A simple pixel editor using canvas and other HTML5 technologies. Eventually plan to add revisions to images and collaborative features to enable sharing and showcasing.

Pixel Editor is designed for pixel art embracing cross platform web technologies. Pixel Editor will eventually have support for managing palettes, animations, onion skinning, playback, and mobile optimized views.

You can try it out here as features are being created and tested.


The first iteration of Caverns can be found on Kongregate. This was my first venture into procedurally generated levels. The source can also be found on my GitHub for anyone to freely use. The game was created in Ludum Dare in 48 hours.


My first jump at Flash games contains primarily placeholder art from Flixel's demo game mode. probably the most finished feeling game of the lot.


A simple outdoors exploration game with collecting.